Thursday, November 26, 2015

What Makes You Thankful? #Suffragette Out Now (Giveaway!)....

Happy Thanksgiving, Readers.  First off, let me start by saying how very thankful I have to you all here visiting the site after such a long time.  I am coming up on 6 years here at Reviewed by!  I wouldn't still be at it if you didn't keep coming back for more so thank you for that!!

As most people are today, I am thinking about the many things I have in my life to be thankful for.  My amazing family and friends and the basics that sadly many go without like a home, enough food and clothes that keep me warm.  I have much to be thankful for and to reflect on today. 

I am also reminded that I am lucky indeed to be a woman in the United States.  This year marks the 95th Anniversary of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement’s great victory, the e ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which granted women the right to vote.  Imagine a time when women were not allowed to vote?!  To have a voice??  It is truly despicable and I am in awe of the bravery of the strong woman who came together to change history for women. 

I am saddened when I think about other parts of the globe where women are still treated as second class citizens.  Check this out....

Imagine a world where you couldn't leave your home without a man's permission. For some women, that is their reality. The Suffragettes ignited the fight for women's equality and it's up to us to finish it. See the film, and take action at
Posted by Suffragette on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Clearly the #fightsnotover !  As you are counting your blessings today, take some time to think about the powerful women who made it possible for you (or the women in your life) to live freely.  I know I will also be reflecting one what I can do to keep the fight for women's rights going in parts of the world where there is still much inequality.

If you have not had the opportunity to check out Suffragette (in theaters now).  This film is a testament to the Women's Right Movement and the unstoppable women who paved the way for the rest of us.   

Academy Award nominees Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, and three–time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, lead the cast of a powerful drama about the women who were willing to lose everything in their fight for equality in early–20th–century Britain. The stirring story centers on Maud (played by Carey Mulligan), a working wife and mother whose life is forever changed when she is secretly recruited to join the U.K.’s growing Suffragette movement. Galvanized by the outlaw fugitive Emmeline Pankhurst (Meryl Streep), Maud becomes an activist for the cause alongside women from all walks of life. When increasingly aggressive police action forces Maud and her dedicated fellow Suffragettes underground, they engage in a dangerous game of cat–and–mouse with the authorities, who are shocked as the women’s civil disobedience escalates and sparks debate across the nation. Inspired by true events, Suffragette is a moving drama exploring the passion and heartbreak of those who risked all they had for women’s right to vote – their jobs, their homes, their children, and even their lives.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Hee Haw Collection...Review & Giveaway!

I have such a fun DVD collection to tell you about today.... The Hee Haw Collection is out now and would make a great holiday gift.  Here is the scoop...




Time Life invites home audiences back to rural Kornfield Kounty for some timeless, down-home entertainment with THE HEE HAW COLLECTION. The 3-disc collection features 5 episodes never-before-available at retail from the longest-running weekly syndicated series in television history. 


These vintage episodes from the late 60s and early 70s, rarely seen since their original broadcasts and feature all the Kornfield Kounty regulars (including co-hosts Roy Clark and Buck Owens) and their hilarious comedy plus country legends like Conway Twitty performing "Hello Darlin'," Merle Haggard singing his classic "Okie from Muskogie," Tammy Wynette performing her #1 hit "Ways to Love a Man," an unforgettable duet with Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn performing "Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries," plus other country legends like Charlie Rich, Hank Williams Jr. and many other chart-toppers.  Rife with pickin' and grinnin', singin' and spinnin' tall tales and corny jokes, the set also includes bonus interviews with show regulars including Roy Clark, Lulu Roman, George Lindsey, Charlie McCoy and Jim and John Hager,a s well as bonuses including all-time favorite comedy from the early years in "Hee Haw Laffs," featuring "Board Fence," "Cornfield," "Moonshiners," "Doctor Spot," "Old Philosopher," "General Store,"  "Haystack," "Schoolhouse" and other knee-slappers.

My Thoughts:  I vaguely remember Hee Haw reruns watched at my Nana's house when I was small.  I don't remember much about the show itself but what I do remember is the laughing from Nana and my aunts.  Those are happy memories for sure and watching these episodes now I know what they were giggling about.  Hee Haw is fun and silly and packed with great music.  Even though country music isn't my favorite style of music I still appreciate great musicians and Hee Haw managed to get them all onscreen at one time or another. 

Hee-Haw is a fun and timeless show that is meant to be watched again and again. If you have a music fan in your life this would be a perfect gift.  You can pick up your copy on Amazon HERE.

I am so excited to tell you that Time Life is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of The Hee Haw Collection!  Good luck and please use the attached Rafflecopter form to enter.... a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

The Wonder Years: The Complete Series! Available Now!

I have been writing here at Reviewed by Mom for more than 5 years.  I can't believe how fast that went!  I have worked with lots of great companies (big and small) and I still get excited when I see the mailman because it often means something great is coming my way that I then in turn get to share with you.  Sometimes my excitement about what is in the package makes me cartwheel more than others.  Take this recent delivery...

Do you know what this is readers!?  It is ALL 115 episodes of The Wonder Years together for the first time (EVER) and it is contained in a locker.  Adorable!  If I could have done a backflip I would have over this.  I LOVED The Wonder Years when I was growing up and I couldn't wait to dive back into the life of Kevin Arnold!  Here are the specifics....

For six seasons, The Wonder Years captured the angst of growing up in suburban middle-class America in the late '60s, as seen through the life and times of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage).  Audiences eagerly followed his evolution as a typical awkward teenager who remembered every moment of his transition from childhood with excruciating detail and remarkable hindsight.  From  his first kiss with Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar) to his friendship with Paul Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano) and the ups and downs of the Arnold family, fans shared in laughter, love, and loss, but above all, wonder.  Now, the complete landmark series is available for the first time at retail in two deluxe collector's editions that contain all 115 episodes across 26 DVDs, along with over 23 hours of bonus features, which includes exclusive new interviews with the entire cast, the first cast reunion in more than 16 years, 11 newly-produced featurettes and much more!
All 115 Episodes on 26 DVDs in a slipcase box.
Two notebooks with detailed episode information.
Plus over 23 hours of bonus features including:
The first Cast Reunion in 16 years
Exclusive interviews with the creators, cast and crew
Newly-produced featurettes
And never-before-seen outtakes of Kevin and Winnie s first kiss

My Thoughts:  I knew I was going to love this before I even opened it and I was certainly not disappointed.  The Wonder Years is one of those classic shows that just gets better with time and still manages to stay relevant.  The Wonder Years was really a groundbreaking show with topics covering Kevin's coming of age, family life and relationships and the ways people grow and change through the years.  It is simply a must watch show and, if you watched it in the 80's and 90's like I did, it is without a doubt a must "re-watch" show.  It never gets old.
On top of the charming, moving and often funny moments in the episodes they feature some of the best music on a TV Show. The music is almost as good as the show! 
Even though The Wonder Years has been off the air for many years, I STILL remembered the last line of the show because is resonated with me even then and even more so now....
"Growing up happens in a heartbeat. One day you're in diapers, the next day you're gone. But the memories of childhood stay with you for the long haul. I remember a place, a town, a house, like a lot of houses. A yard like a lot of other yards. On a street like a lot of other streets. And the thing is, after all these years, I still look back... with wonder."
I think the writers nailed it with this line and with the entire series.  They took an "average " family and showed what made them extraordinary and it was magic.  Buy this DVD series for yourself or give it as a gift.  I promise you won't be disappointed!  You can buy it here from Amazon.  Happy Watching!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Sugar N Sass Designs....Review and Giveaway!

I love to treat myself.  Too often I am busy, busy running around and burning the candle at both ends so when I get the chance to do something for myself I try and do it.  When I was contacted by Sugar N Sass Designs to check out their line of candles and soaps I jumped at the chance.  I just love the way a great scent can create an escape.

Sugar N Sass Designs were a new company to me so I did a little research before the products arrived.  The owner, a lovely woman named Kara, created the her business after learning her son had autism.  With his diagnosis, Kara found that she became a "label reader" (I am too!!) to learn what kinds of things her family was putting in their body or ingesting.  This label reading led her to discover that often times there are some pretty scary things being eaten, breathed in or put upon our bodies.  Hence Sugar N Sass Designs.  At Sugar N Sass Designs you will find that you can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients and that they are wholesome, all natural and good for our bodies and the environment.  Right off the bat I loved the company.  I love a mom business owner and I really love one that has the same goals of health and wellness that I do!

I was sent two products....a candle and a bar of soap.  Let's talk about the candle first.  Like I mentioned earlier, I love how a great scent can really transport you.  I like to have one burning most of the time and I find that a scent can help boost my mind or spirit when I need it.  Spruceberry was the scent I was sent.  Here is the scoop...

Bring home the fragrance of the holidays with our Spruceberry soy candle! Made from 100% soy wax, this clean burning candle offers a delightful blend of spruce, raspberries, cranberries… the perfect mix of woodsy and sweet. The 4 oz tin makes the candle a perfect addition to any decor and with proper candle care you will get 15-20 hours of burn time.

I love this candle.  Obviously I like that it is burning 100% natural ingredients so I know we are not breathing in any nasty chemicals.  What I love just as much though is the crisp, unique scent that fills my home every time I light it.  The combination of scents is really lovely and not one bit overpowering.   When this one is gone I will be ordering another for sure.  I will order this scent but I also want to try some of the other offerings like Lemon Pound Cake and Holiday Sparkle.

In addition to the candle I was also sent Orange Olive Oil Soap.  Here is the scoop...

A cleansing, lathering soap that will invigorate you with the refreshing, sweet scent of orange.  This soap contains coconut oil, which helps provide lather, and olive oil and shea butter, which help provide moisture.

This soap became a quick favorite for me.  I find the orange scent to be really great and energizing (a perfect way to start the day) and while it cleanses it also leaves my skin soft and not a bit dried out which tends to be a big problem for me this time of year.  The icing on the cake?  The bar is only $7 making it super affordable.  As with the candle, I will be ordering another for sure when this runs out but might also try some of the other scents like apricot or coffee.

As you can easily see, Sugar N Sass Designs has a fan in me.  I love the idea behind the products and I adore the  products themselves.  You can connect with Sugar N Sass Designs in the following ways...

Etsy Shop:

Kara has also started a Kickstarter campaign that I would invite you to check out as well.  This is to help bring to life the "Pure and Simple" line....

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Redan Publishing....Great Gift Idea & Reader Discount!

Hi Readers!  I have an exclusive deal for you from Redan Publishing.  Read on to hear how to save BIG on some great magazines for the kiddos....

A Magazine For Every Child! Great Interactive Children's Magazines Each issue contains stories, a craft project, a collectible poster and a workbook full of fun educational activities that are designed to give your child a head start in developing their early learning skills with the help of their favorite characters. Your child will spend endless hours stimulating their imaginations and having fun not realizing they are learning! These interactive magazines make the perfect gift!

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Sit! Stay! Speak! by Annie England Noblin....Review and Giveaway (5 Copies!)

I have a great new book to tell you about today....Sit! Stay! Speak! by Annie England Noblin is available now and makes for a great Fall read.  Here is the scoop...

Echoing the novels of Mary Alice Monroe, Allie Larkin, and Holly Robinson, this charming debut novel tells the unforgettable story of a rescue dog that helps a struggling young outsider make peace with the past.

Addie Andrews is living a life interrupted.  Tragedy sent her fleeing from Chicago to the shelter of an unexpected inheritance—her beloved aunt’s somewhat dilapidated home in Eunice, Arkansas, population very tiny.  There she reconnects with some of her most cherished childhood memories.  If only they didn’t make her feel so much!

People say nothing happens in small towns, but Addie quickly learns better. She’s got an elderly next door neighbor who perplexingly dances outside in his underwear, a house needing more work than she has money, a best friend whose son uncannily predicts the weather, and a local drug dealer holding a massive grudge against her.

Most surprising of all, she’s got a dog. But not any dog, but a bedraggled puppy she discovered abandoned, lost, and in desperate need of love. Kind of like Addie herself. She’d come to Eunice hoping to hide from the world, but soon she discovers that perhaps she’s finding the way back—to living, laughing, and loving once more.

My Thoughts:  First of all, let's talk about that cover.  The cover alone is so adorable that I was already in love with the book before I started it.  I am happy to say that the actual books is just at wonderful and delightful as the cover which means, in this case, you CAN judge a book by its cover!

The author has created a story that really has it all....mystery, romance and friendship.  The tale flows easily off the pages and has  you quickly attached to the characters.  I loved the portrayal  of the small town with all of its good and, sometimes annoying qualities.  The book has some funny bits with a sarcastic tone as well as some parts that had me reaching for the tissues.  When I first started the book I was thinking it would be all about the dog but the book is SO much more.  Sure, it is about the adorable pup but it is also a wonderful story about life and the twists and turns things can take to get us where we need to be.  This one is a must read and you can buy it HERE.

I also want to mention that the end of the book contains some mouth-watering recipes mentioned in the book...bonus!  I am excited to make Aunt Tilda's Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. Yum!

Giveaway Alert:  I am so  pleased to tell you that the publisher is giving FIVE lucky Reviewed by Mom readers a copy of Sit! Stay! Speak!.  Thank you so much to the sponsor and good luck!  To enter, please use the Rafflecopter link....
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Twelve Days of Christmas in New England....Review & Giveaway!

I know we have not hit Thanksgiving yet (and I DO love Thanksgiving) but that has not stopped me from getting very excited about Christmas.  I just love this time of year and I swear I revert right back to a kid again...I can't help myself.  To fuel the Christmas excitement we have been feeling here at Reviewed by Mom, we have been reading a super charming book called "The Twelve Days of Christmas in New England" by Toni Buzzeo and illustrated by Liza Woodruff.  Here is the scoop...

Why have one state worth of fun when you can have SIX! Grace and her cousin Camden enjoy a New England holiday, from big-city Boston to tiny coastal and mountain towns in Maine and Vermont. From lighthouse hopping to moose spotting, it’s an unforgettable trip!

Our Thoughts:  This book was a huge hit in our house.  First of all being a life long New Englander (a "Maine-ah") I loved seeing the different local places referenced within the pages as did the kids.  Each page is dedicated to a letter back home to Mom and Dad from Grace as she describes her visit to each area and state in New England.  The trip starts off in Boston where Grace is met by her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin at Logan Airport and they take the "T".  This was met with excitement from the kids because "Hey, we've done that!".  And so it went, each letter contained highlights of each of the 6 New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts and the facing page gives a "Twelve Days of Christmas"  countdown. 

Naturally our favorite page was the one focused on Maine where they explored rocky coasts and tidal pools, dined on lobster rolls and explored our hometown, Portland...
Not only is The Twelve Days of Christmas in New England a charming holiday tale but it is a wonderful way to introduce kiddos to local geography in a way that is both informative and engaging.  Get this book in preparation for the holidays HERE.
I am so excited to let you know that the publisher, Sterling Children's Books, is giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom reader a copy of The Twelve Days of Christmas in New England.  Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck!  To enter, please use the rafflecopter link that follows....
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StickerYou....Exclusive Discount Code!

From decking the halls, to wrapping presents the holiday season is the perfect time to get creative and festive. Have you ever used wall decals to decorate your walls? How about using custom labels for all your gifts? Maybe you run a business and want to customize the packaging of your products with festive labels. Whether it be for business or personal use, StickerYou has the sticky product you need!  How perfect are these clear labels for holiday gifts.....

StickerYou is your one-stop shop for creating custom stickers, labels, decals, temporary tattoos and more. These durable products are perfect for business use or to use around your home and with holiday gifting. Your friends and family will be impressed!  

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Inside Out...Out Now!!

Over the summer the kids and I went to see Inside Out at the drive-in.  We all completely adored it.  When I received the opportunity to review the film when it was released to DVD and Blu-ray last week I jumped at the chance.  To me, Inside Out is one of those  movies you will watch again and is that great.  Have you seen the movie yet?  In case you haven't (what are you waiting for??), here is the scoop...

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what's going on inside their head? Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out" takes an exciting and hilarious journey into the mind to find the answer. Based in Headquarters, the control center of 11-year-old Riley's mind, five emotions are hard at work, led by lighthearted optimist Joy. She strives to make sure Riley stays happy as she operates alongside fellow emotions Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. It's "an instant classic," raves Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times. Experience it like never before on Disney Blu-ray!    
Our Thoughts:  This movie was just as great the 2nd time (and 3rd and 4th!!) time around.  Our family flat out loves it.  Pixar has created a film that appeals to young and old alike and tackles the complex concept of human emotions in a way that is both hilarious and touching.  As a parent, I particularly appreciated how emotions  were portrayed as all having  an important role and none were "bad".   
The kids and I laughed over "Anger" losing his temper about things and about the nervous ways of Fear.  We rejoiced right along with Joy when Riley would succeed and I definitely got teary eyed about the times when Sadness would come into play (the voice of "Phyllis" from The Office is perfection!).  I am also not going to lie, I still have a lump in my throat over the parts with Bing Bong.  He was my absolute favorite character.

Inside Out is a must see and a must own.  This movie got me talking to the kids about feelings and memories in a way that was easy for them to relate to and understand.  This is a family favorite movie and one I encourage everyone, no matter what age, to watch.  You will love it!  Pick up your copy today on Amazon, Pin It

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

90 Day Holiday Challenge & Monthly Giveaway!

In honor of the Holiday season, we are kicking off our 90 Day Winter Products Testing spots with a free give away!!

Who would like to be a Product Tester for any of the following:

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! ��. (Greens superfood supplement)...
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7. Wipe Out Winter Weight Gain (Fat Fighter/Thermofit)

Pick your number and get the products at our wholesale price! Everyone who participates by signing up for the program or requests a catalog gets entry into my monthly prize drawing!

 Email me at or message me on Facebook at

I can't wait to work with you!!
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