Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Trucks Versus Wild...Out 1/21 & Giveaway!

Do you have a child in your life who loves all things that go?  If so, you must introduce  him or her to the charming show The Adventures of Chuck & Friends if you have not done so already.  The series from Hasbro has a brand new DVD coming out on January 21st and it is sure to please both old fans and new.  Here is the scoop...

The unbelievably fun adventures of Chuck, the little dump truck with big dreams, and his friends—Digger, Handy, Rowdy, Biggs, Boomer and Flip — continue on January 21, 2014 with the release of The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Trucks Versus Wild on DVD from Shout! Factory Kids. Featuring 10 more exciting episodes from The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends, watch as Chuck and the gang have adventures with a helpful mechanic, a camping trip, a star-studded trip to the beach and more in these awesome cartoons guaranteed to put fun into high gear! Priced to own at $12.97, The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Trucks Versus Wild also contains a brand new sing-along.
The Adventures of Chuck & Friends series is currently airing on The Hub TV Network in the U.S. and on Treehouse in Canada.

Episodes Include:
1. The Checkup
2. Chuck’s Perfect Plans
3. Trucks Vs. Wild
4. Kid Stuff
5. As The Engine Coughs
6. Beach Blanket Uh-Oh
7. Fender Bender
8. Sleep-Driving Chuck
9. Mind Your Own Business
10. The Pothole

Bonus Features:
Also includes a brand new sing-along!

You can pre-order this DVD now from Amazon by clicking HERE.

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Mr. Peabody & Sherman...Coming March 7th!

The kids and I love heading to the movies and I know for sure we will be going on March 7th to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Check it out...

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Edible Snowmen...The Perfect Snow Day Snack!

As I have been writing about (again, and again...sorry!) it is cold here right now.  I think it is cold everywhere though, right??  In any case, we have been trying to make the best of the chilly temperatures by heading outdoors and even  having some snow themed snacks.  The other day we make Edible Snowmen and they were a big hit. They are easy, fun to make and a sweet little pick me up for when winter has you down. 

Here is what you need....

Round, Mini Powdered Donuts
Candy for Buttons (we used peanut M&M's)
Black tube frosting
Gummy or Jelly Candy for Nose (I used orange slices)

How to Do it....

Put three powdered donuts on skewers to make the form of a snowman.  Dab frosting(this is your glue!) on each of the donut middles.  Put candy for buttons  in the bottom two donuts. In the top put in your nose.  Use black frosting to make eyes and mouth. 

Easy, right?  It was and it earned me mega mom points!  These would be fun for a winter party too.  Will you make these with your kiddos?  Let me know how they turn out!

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Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20...Review and Giveaway!

I have a fantastic product to tell you about today...the Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20. If you are looking for makeup that will give you a flawless complexion without feeling "cakey" this is the product for you.  Here is the scoop....

A breakthrough 5-in-1 tinted skin enhancer designed to Hydrate, Prime, Enhance, Mattify & Protect your skin in one simple step. This multi-tasking complexion enhancer instantly provides your skin with an antioxidant-rich hydrating base, primed smooth finish, weightless coverage, and SPF20.
Instantly improve skin tone, luminosity, and texture. Evenly smooth out and minimize the look of pores, fine lines, and pigmentation imperfections. MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER SPF20 FACE leaves your skin with a smooth, radiant, airbrushed complexion in seconds

I have actually been using Miracle Skin Transformer for the past couple of years.  It is amazing.  When you put it on, it glides on your skin in a light, almost powdery feel that I would not expect from a cream.  It gives great coverage without being too heavy.  It comes in 7 shades so you are sure to find the perfect match. To sum it up?  It looks like your skin...only better!  Just a tiny dab improves skin tone by evening out discolorations and imperfections.  In addition to making you instantly look better, Miracle Skin Transformer hydrates your skin AND has an SPF. This product is a real powerhouse and does the job of many.  If you are looking for a top notch skin care product that will improve your skin and save you time, Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 Face is the product for you.  Visit the Miracle Skin website to purchase and to view the entire line of products.

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Toys R Us $100 Gift Card Winter Days Giveaway!

Welcome to the Toys"R"Us $100 Gift Card Winter Days Giveaway sponsored by Demagogue and hosted by The Parenting Patch!

 Although the winter days seem long, soon the dog days of summer will be here. To pass the winter days by, how does a $100 gift card to spend at Toys"R"Us sound? Get some indoor toys to pass the winter by, or start getting ready for outside play this summer. One (1) lucky reader of The Parenting Patch and Demagogue will win one (1) $100 gift card to Toys"R"Us. To enter for your chance to win the Toys"R"Us $100 Gift Card Winter Days Giveaway, simply use the following Rafflecopter form. Good luck!
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Free Printable Valentines!

Little Passports has Valentines Day Cards for Everyone!
Think it's too early? It's not! Valentines day will be here before you know it and I have some Little Passports Valentines Day Card Printables that your child can share with his/her friends. These are perfect for homeschool groups too!

Have you ever wondered how to say ‘I love you’ in German? How about in Tagalog? Our Little Passports Valentine’s Day cards include ‘Love’ and ‘I love you’ in languages from around the world! To share the love, simply download, print, and pass one to your valentine! Here are some Little Passports "I Love You" Translations From Around The World!:

Jeg elsker Dig: Danish
Ik Hou Van Jou: Dutch
Te Amo: Spanish
I love you: English
Je T'aime: French
S'agapo: Greek
Sarang Hae Yo: Korean
Ech hun dech Gaer : Luxembourgish
Mahal Kita: Tagalog
Iay Ovlay Ouyay: Pig Latin
Saya Cinta kamu: Indonesian
Mina Rakastan Sinua: Finnish
Ich Liebe Dich: German
Wo Ai Ni: Chinese
Ya Tebya Liubliu: Russian
Aishiteru: Japanese
Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae: Hindi

Little Passports enables you to teach your child about the hundreds of different cultures around our world and around the USA! Each month, a package addressed to your kids (which they LOVE) arrives full of little goodies like stickers for their own passport, activity sheets that teach them about major landmarks around the world and gets their brain going with fun word scrambles! Little Passports even shares fun recipes that you can cook up with your kids to turn them into little chefs who know all about foods from different cultures. Subscriptions start at just $10.95/month which is another bonus! This is also the perfect resource for anyone who homeschools out there. Let me know what you think after you get set up with your own Little Passports subscription.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hasbro Pointing Fingers=Fun, Fun, Fun!!

As you all  know, I love games.  I have ever since I was a kid and now love playing games with my children and with my grownup friends and family.  I think games are an outstanding way to connect and unwind.

I recently had the opportunity to review the new game from Hasbro,  Pointing Fingers and it is so much fun.  Have you heard of it?  Here is the scoop....

The Pointing Fingers game is the hilarious game of who did what. Friends and family will have a laugh-out-loud time as they wear oversized foam fingers and literally point out outrageous things about each other! Who in your group of friends is most likely to sleepwalk? Or eat off the floor? Point out the person who you think is the most likely to do so and earn points for being right! You’ll be amazed at the funny things you’ll learn about your friends and family!

What a fun game!  First of all, can I just say that the foam fingers are hilarious??  The fingers made the game a hit before it even was played.  The basic concept of the game is to read a question from one of the one hundred cards (be prepared for LOTS of silly and fun questions!!!) and then decide how often  you have done this silly or outrageous thing by using the meter (keep this to yourself).  Next players point the silly fingers at the person they think has done this the most.  Hilarity pretty much ensues each time!  We played this with a group of grownup friends and we all had a ball...we laughed and laughed.  Additionally, I played this with my children who are 7.  It is suggested for ages 12 and up but by filtering out some questions, my younger children enjoyed as much as the grownups.  I won't tell you how many of us have eaten off the floor!

If you are looking for a fun game that guaranties laughs, Pointing Fingers from Hasbro is the game!  You can find the game at all major stores including Target.

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Muppets Most Wanted Video....Who is Excited for the Upcoming Release?!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Hot Food Trends for the New Year!

 Become a Dining Daredevil in 2014! releases their Hot Food Trends for the New Year

Break free from the same-old dining routine in 2014 and try something new with the help of To help you start your own dining adventures, has compiled the 3 hottest trends to conquer at local restaurants near you. Resident trend-guru, President and Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Krohn provided his predictions that will grace our plate in 2014. With these trends, you're sure to have a spicy year, but only if you dare!

1. Egg-cellent Adventures

While it's hard to determine when this trend ignited, it's definitely picked up pace and could reach its peak of popularity in 2014. The "breakfast for dinner" craze and increasing popularity of regional specialties, like Korean Bibimbap and Mexican Huevos Rancheros, will only grow the trend of egg-y fusions. Plus, there's an emerging sense from the scientific crowd that eggs are healthier than perhaps you previously thought, which will feed consumer interest in this farm-fresh favorite. All in all, 2014 will be the year of the egg, so you might as well get cracking!

We dare you: Next time you order a burger or stir fry, ask them to top it off with a fried egg or two. The added protein will help boost your metabolism and satisfy your hunger!

2. Farm to Fork

Diners - growing eco-awareness and their desire for the wholesome simplicity of home-style cooking and minimally- processed foods is on the rise. Riding this wave, restaurants are returning to their predecessors roots, sourcing fresh produce and natural ingredients and cooking them up in a style that more closely resembles the authentic recipes that graced Grandma's kitchen table rather than modern, industrial food products.

We dare you: When people hear "farm to fork," they immediately think of steamed vegetables, but this trend encompasses more than just radishes and such. Tender meat alternatives and locally produced cheeses are two items to look for on the menu. Don't be afraid to order something with a beet or two for an added super food bonus!

3. Tea Time, All the Time

Once confined primarily to Asian restaurants, tea is an increasingly popular beverage. In 2014, you'll find tea used for novel and surprising purposes. For example, ground teas like matcha and chai can be used as dry rubs and marinades for beef, chicken or veggies. Tea-smoked salmon and pork will both make headway in the new year, and English-style tea-time gatherings at local cafes will also be big.

We dare you: To find these tea-fusion meals, take a trip to an Asian fusion restaurant near you and keep an eye out for tea-smoked pork, ribs, or stir fry. For an added bonus, try one of our other favorite food trends of 2014, a hot sauce like sriracha.

Feeling brave? Why not tackle the rest of our top food trend list on the blog: Your tummy will thank you!

To learn more check out the links below...

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simpson's Sheep Won't Go To Sleep Book & Blanket Giveaway ($97 Value!)!

Welcome to the Simpson's Sheep Won't Go to Sleep Book & Blanket Giveaway!
I love a good bedtime story.  When I had the opportunity to review the book Simpson's Sheep Won't Go to Sleep I couldn't wait.  It sounded just perfect to share with my 4  year old at bedtime.  Here is the scoop....

Farmer Simpson works all day.
He plants his corn, and beans, and hay.
His feet get tired, his nose gets red.
At night, he likes to go to bed.

But Simpson's sheep have other plans -- and sleep is not one of them! They think of every excuse to stay awake.

They need a drink. They want a snack.
They have to ''go!'' They like to yack.

Will poor Simpson ever find a way to lull his sheep to sleep? Illustrated with soft pastel drawings that are both silly and soothing, Simpson's Sheep Wont Go to Sleep! is a story for every parent who has put a child to bed -- and every child who has creatively resisted.

 This book was perfect to read to my daughter.  Like so many children, she is the master of bedtime excuses.  Bedtime can be quite a process as we go down the line of all the "musts" before she can give into sleep (drink. song.  story. kiss.  another kiss....the list goes on.  And on!).  We had quite a chuckle about the antics of Simpson's sheep.  The book was lovely to read with nice, rolling, rhyming words and gentle and soft illustrations.  This book is a new favorite bedtime book and one that will have some serious staying power because it has given me a new way to get my daughter to sleep!  I won't give away the ending but I can tell you that my daughter now loves to pretend she is one of Simpson's Sheep and I get her to sleep the way he tends to his flock.  Whatever works is my motto!  You can pick up this charming bedtime tale today on Amazon by clicking HERE.

I am also thrilled to tell you that Peter Pauper Press is generously giving one lucky Reviewed by Mom winner a copy of Simpson's Sheep Won't Go to Sleep and a comfy 50x60 reversible microsherpa blanket! Thanks so much to the sponsor and good luck!  To enter use the Rafflecopter form below. a Rafflecopter giveaway Pin It

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Get Ready for Spring With Nickelodeon Favorites! Prize Pack Giveaway!

It makes me so happy to tell you today about the upcoming SPRING releases from Nickelodeon. Yes, SPRING!! Nickelodeon has a wonderful variety of titles your kids will love that focus on Springtime and Spring holidays like Easter.  I know the Easter Bunny will be dropping some of these titles into our baskets!  Here are the details....




Available on February 18, 2014
New York, NY – January 8, 2014 – Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution have prepared the perfect spring releases for some of their most popular DVD releases from Dora the Explorer and Max & Ruby to Peter Rabbit.  Each seasonal title will be wrapped in “Essentially Spring” O-Sleeves. The Essentially Spring Collection acts as the perfect pre-school Easter basket stuffers. Children are guaranteed to be entertained for hours this season!  These gift sets will be released on February 18, 2014 for the suggested retail price of $14.99 each.

Peter Rabbit: Spring Into Adventure!

Spring has sprung when Peter Rabbit, Lily Bobtail, and Benjamin Bunny embark on seven seasonal stories! Hop into over an hour of springtime adventures as Peter and his pals learn never to follow strangers, help out a baby bunny who is afraid of the dark, catch a trout, work together to rescue a friend, and more, all while building valuable problem solving and leadership skills!

Peter Rabbit

Introduce your little bunny to a modern take on one of the most beloved characters in classic children’s literature, Peter Rabbit. These eight tales set the course for spine-tingling adventures through Beatrix Potter’s Lake District, a beautiful, natural world where real dangers, wily villains, and simple delights are found in the most unusual places! Join Peter, his cousin Benjamin, and their new pal, Lily, as this intrepid trio embarks on exciting escapades, all while building valuable skills like reasoning and problem solving.

Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Spring
Hop for joy because Max and Ruby are celebrating Spring with twelve new-to-DVD episodes. Enjoy over an hour and a half of fun as Max and Ruby jump through exciting springtime adventures together!

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Easter Adventure

Preschoolers can help Dora and Boots save the Hip-Hop Bunny’s basket of eggs the perfect Easter gift, which features an exciting collection of adventures. Plus enjoy two bonus episodes, five Karaoke music videos and an interactive play mode game.

Dora the Explorer: Egg Hunt
Celebrate Dora’s first Easter Egg Hunt and help Dora and Boots find the Big Yellow Egg with a prize inside. It’s an egg-cellent adventure preschoolers won’t want to miss!

Max & Ruby: Easter with Max & Ruby
Spring into the Easter season with two very funny Easter bunnies – Max and Ruby! From Ruby’s Easter bonnet to Max’s Easter bunny, and an Easter Parade too, you’ll be celebrating the season bunny-style.

Don't these all look like so  much fun??  Be sure to visit Amazon or your local retailer to pick these up in time to celebrate Spring!  

I am so happy to tell you that Nickelodeon is giving one lucky RBM reader a wonderful Spring DVD Prize Pack which includes all six of the titles above!  Thanks so much to the sponsor and here is how to enter....

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